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Spouseup is an application for those who are serious about finding the ideal match :) We believe you are a sum of your likes and interests and you would have a much greater chance of finding some one similar to you with the help of our smart matchmaking algorithms that leverages your Facebook profile.

After authorization, Spouseup uses your Facebook likes and interests to build a highly focused match database for you using our intelligent algorithms. Your matches will mostly come from your friends and your extended friend of friends network in order to bring trust in the match making experience, if you are matched with someone outside your network you could ask them for a recommendation. You can also search Spouseup profiles based on various criteria such as age, location, religion etc.

To minimize the risk of fraud, Spouseup allows your Facebook friends and relatives to write recommendations for you and they could also play the role of a matchmaker. A matchmaker in Spouseup can introduce mutual friends or suggest profiles to you that might fit your liking / personality.

Once you are connected to your potential match we have built a cool chat environment for you to interact and get to know your potential partner.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible match finding experience and in the same time minimize your risk of finding a potential partner. And the best part is that we are completely free, so what are you waiting for ;) ?

Spouseup! has innovation in its DNA and we would love to hear from you on what you would like to see in the Spouseup community, so do write to us at :

We wish you the very best in your partner search ….

How it Works

Awesome Features

Spouseup has some cool and useful features that makes the match finding experience easy and fun.

Precision Matching

You can use Spouseup to find someone within your community who matches your personality. Spouseup combines the old and the new as it combines caste and religion with your Facebook likes and interests.

Trust meter

Today matrimonial fraud is rampant, to minimize the risk in matchmaking process Spouseup uses an advanced risk detection algorithm that gives each user a trust rating. Matches can come from mutual friend there by improving trust.

360° Personality Analysis

Spouseup combines data from your multiple social network accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. to understand you better from a professional, social, spiritual and intellectual perspectives. This allows us to match you with people who are similar to you in multiple dimensions.

Location based Search

A State of the art location based search algorithm finds you the most compatible matches in your locality. You can specify the distance from your current location to find matches who are most suited.

Compatibility Meter

Spouseup pulls in data from multiple social networks to provide compatibility score based on the personality of the matches.


You can help your single friends or family to find their soul mate by playing the role of a matchmaker. You can introduce mutual friends and write recommendation for your friends and family who are on spouseup.

In the Media

  • New Indian Express
    Joining technologically powered search for lasting love.
  • DNA
    Spouseup uses state of the art algorithms to match.
  • Deccan Herald
    Digs deep into Facebook or LinkedIn to ferret out every information that a partner wants.
  • The Hindu
    Unlike regular matchmaking sites which just match your kundlis, religion and caste to find you a partner, Spouseup joins hands with Facebook, Google, Twitter and Linkedin to do that.
  • Your Story
    Matchmake the traditional way, but with an app: Spouseup mixes old with the new.
  • Electronics For You
    Spreading its wings to build a state of the art matching engine which can make a better match.
  • Startup Dope
    Spouseup intends to solve the problem of finding a suitable match (while keeping all of your conservative aunties and uncles placated throughout the process, so it’s a win-win solution).
We would love to hear from you, if you have feedbacks, suggestions, feature requests or
if you would like to report bugs, please write to us at